Root Canals


If you are suffering from a large crack in your tooth, a cavity, severe oral pain, or a dental abscess, our doctors might recommend gentle root canal therapy to help save the tooth. At Wisdom Dental, we offer several safe sedation options to help you relax during root canal therapy. Our Coral Springs office is equipped to complete this treatment in a comfortable and timely manner so that you can get back to feeling better fast!

What Is Root Canal Therapy?


Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, performed well over 14 million times each year in the United States alone. This treatment is designed to help save your natural teeth and to keep you from needing dental implants or bridges in the future.

During root canal therapy, our doctors will remove the living tissue inside your tooth, including the nerves, and excise any bacteria or decay. After this step is completed, we will clean out the chamber, treats it with a medicated material, and then fill it.

This treatment is designed to restore the previously damaged tooth to its full function, and usually lasts a lifetime!

Do I Need A Root Canal?

After a thorough examination, our doctors may recommend a root canal if you’re experiencing:

  • Swelling and tenderness of your gums
  • Severe tooth pain or sensitivity
  • An abscess on your gums
  • Sharp pain when biting down or chewing

These signs can indicate that decay has reached the pulp of your tooth, resulting in infection or an abscess inside the tooth or at the root.

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