Wisdom Dental offers a unique range of cosmetic dentistry services to help fix the appearance of dark, discolored, or irregularly-shaped teeth. Our Coral Springs office is specially designed with comforting amenities and a range of safe sedation options. We are here to give you your most beautiful smile yet!

Porcelain Veneers


Veneers are made to completely cover the front-facing surfaces of your teeth, providing a perfectly white, uniform appearance. The veneers themselves are fabricated from an ultra-thin, tooth-colored material that can be custom-sculpted to fit the shape and look that you desire. In the consultation phase, our cosmetic dentistry experts will learn your goals and provide you with an idea of how your new teeth will look post-procedure.

Composite Veneers

Do you have a chipped tooth, large gaps between your teeth or short teeth you’d like to lengthen?Veneers could be the ideal solution! Composite veneers can be applied in one day, and usually last 4 to 8 years. Our cosmetic dentists recommend these to patients who would like an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.


If you’re considering porcelain veneers, ask our doctors about Lumineers®. Lumineers are an ultra-thin veneer that require very little preparation prior to placement. These specialized veneers can be placed faster than traditional porcelain veneers and require absolutely no anesthetic.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process of placing tooth-colored material (similar to white fillings) to cover chips or gaps in your teeth. The treatment itself is so gentle that, in most cases, it isn't even necessary to numb or adjust your natural teeth.

Gingival Recontouring

At Wisdom Dental, our cosmetic dentists use high-tech, pain-free laser technology to optimize the shape of your smile. Gingival recontouring can help create a smile that reveals more tooth and less gum. As an added bonus, the procedure can also improve your overall gum health!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts implanted in your jaw that act as artificial “tooth roots," permanently anchoring your new tooth, bridge, or denture. Each implant is topped with a dental crown, providing a comfortable chewing surface, restoring the appearance of the missing tooth.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a comfortable and ultra-simple teeth whitening solution. If you’re a candidate for Zoom! Teeth Whitening, our cosmetic dentists will apply the Zoom! whitening gel to your teeth, then activate it with a specially-designed light. Your teeth can become at least 6-10 shades whiter during this process. In most cases, teeth get even whiter in the 2-3 days following the Zoom! whitening procedure.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Opalescence whitening gel works through its active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, the active bleaching agent that eliminates stains from your teeth. If you’re an ideal candidate for Ultradent’s Opalescence® Take-Home Whitening, our cosmetic dentists will create customized trays that ensure an even application and whiter, brighter teeth!

Questions About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

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