Our Technology



At Wisdom Dental, we invest in the best technology not only to maximize treatment outcomes, but to cultivate a top-notch experience for our patients. Precision diagnostics and treatment technology also allow us to be more efficient, which means you can receive your dental treatments faster at our Coral Springs dental office!

3D Digital X-Rays


X-rays are used to help increase accurate diagnoses and clinical safety. At Wisdom Dental, we use 3D x-ray technology to expose our patients to less radiation, making x-rays quick and comfortable. This technology also makes your x-ray images available to our doctors immediately.

Intraoral Scanner

X-rays can be an excellent way to help diagnose oral health problems, but an intraoral scanner takes it a step further. At Wisdom Dental, we use our intraoral scanner to examine areas of our patients' mouths that x-rays can’t show.

Laser Dentistry

Our team performs laser dentistry procedures to give our patients a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Dr. D uses laser dentistry to deliver precise treatments that are shorter and more comfortable. Dental lasers are used for a variety of procedures, from periodontal therapy to cold sore treatments and early decay detection.

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